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AniGene NaDCC Chlorine purification tablets

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Brand: Medimark Scientific
Product Code: XTR100

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AniGene NaDCC Chlorine purification tablets 



Medimark Scientific present AniGene Effervescent Chlorine disinfectant tablets a highly effective and fast acting disinfectant which is safe and easy to use. The Anigene NaDCC chlorine solution provides a powerful disinfectant effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores.

Each tablet delivers 1000 part per million of available chlorine per 1 litre of water, with an incredible shelf life of 5 years making it the ideal product for use as an emergency product in the event of a notifiable disease outbreak. AniGene effervescent chlorine disinfectant tablets recommended by most infection control departments as an economic option for treatment of body fluids spills.

Not only can these tablets be used as a disinfectant it can be used as a drinking water purification tablet by adding 1 tablet per 300 Litres of drinking water for a safe to drink water solution in just 10 minutes.



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