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ChemGene HLD4L rebreather disinfectant

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Brand: Medimark Scientific
Product Code: XTM301

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* ChemGene Disinfectant:

ChemGene HLD4L rebreather disinfectant



Medimark scientific present Chemgene HLD4L rebreather and laboratory disinfectant. The Chemgene HLD4L rebreather disinfectant is a perfect product for cleaning AP BCD inner bladders, valves, hose and rebreather counterlungs while if used properly Chemgene has a very low hazard risk and is odour free. This high level disinfectant can be used on rubber, plastics, stainless steel, and other materials found on your scuba diving equipment making it the perfect choice.


Chemgene HLD4L rebreather disinfectant is sold as a concentrated disinfectant which should be diluted with cold portable water for spraying or soaking scuba diving equipment after use. The recommended dilution ratio is 100:1 (water:chemgene) for routine rinsing and up to 10:1 for more heavy-duty equitment disinfecting. 



ChemGene is perfect choice for cleaning your scuba diving equitment as it is proven to be effective against viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis and Norovirus while evidence shows it’s highly effective against:

  • - Mycobacteria
  • - Bacterial spores
  • - Bacteria
  • - Fungi


Caution: After using Chemgene disinfectant always rinse kit off with plenty of cold water until all the disinfectant has been washed away then allow your rebreathers and scuba diving equitment to dry naturally.



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Individual 750ml Spray Bottle 1 x 750ml  £5.50      (exc VAT)
Case of 750ml Spray Bottles  6 x 750ml £27.00    (exc VAT)
Individual 1 Litre Bottle 1 x 1 Litre £9.95      (exc VAT)
Case of 1 Litre  Bottles  6 x 1 Litre £57.85    (exc VAT)
Individual 5 Litre Bottle 1 x 5 Litre £30.00    (exc VAT)
Case of 5 Litre Bottles  4 x 5 Litre £105.00  (exc VAT)



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