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ChemGene Laboratory Disinfectant

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Brand: Medimark Scientific
Product Code: XTM301

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ChemGene Laboratory Disinfectant



MediMark present ChemGene Laboratory disinfectant has been designed and developed to meet the highest of standards of testing regulations in mind to ensure as a customer you are future proofed from the need to makes changes to your product portfolio. This high laboratory disinfectant can be used on use on rubber, plastics, stainless steel, copper, brass and other materials found in laboratory and life science practices.

ChemGene HLD4L is created using a unique combination of ingredients allowing this product to work faster than any conventional laboratory disinfectant while ensuring the cell death is achieved rather than merely suspending activity.


ChemGene HLD4H has a unique combination of chemicals allowing this product to work faster than any conventional high level disinfectants. This high level disinfectant can be safely used in medical, laboratory, life science and scenes of crime environments. ChemGene is proven effective against viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis and Norovirus while evidence shows it’s highly effective against:

  • - Mycobacteria
  • - Bacterial spores
  • - Bacteria
  • - Fungi



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