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ReproChem Instrumental Disinfectant Concentrated

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Brand: Medimark Scientific
Product Code: XMD311

ReproChem Instrumental Disinfectant Concentrated



A new class of high level instrument disinfectant!


Reprochem HLD4 instrument disinfectant is a highly concentrated medical device and surgical equipment disinfectant. This instrument disinfectant is a new class of high level disinfectant, with its non-sensitising, non-fuming and non-corrosive compounds it can safely be used on a variety of surgical instruments, flexible or rigid endoscopes and devices however we still recommend using gloves and eye protection.

Reprochem Instrument disinfectant has been testing under UN standards proven to be effective against bacteria, viral, fungus and sporicidal activity. This instrument disinfectant is incredible easy to use mix 50ml with 950ml of water for a ready to use solutions to soak or gentle clean any surgical and medical devices. 


Packing size: 4 x 2 litre bottles



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