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AirGene Aerosol Disinfectant

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Brand: Medimark Scientific
Product Code: AG001

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AirGene Aerosol Disinfectant 



A fast effective disinfectant in one quick burst!


AirGene is a highly effective and professional aerosol disinfectant that is uniquely designed for rapid and effective decontamination. This high quality aerosol disinfectant contains no  flammable ingredients making it convenient for use in airplanes, ambulances, operating rooms, laboratories, mortuaries, care homes, trains, bathrooms, washrooms and other high-risk zones. This unique high level airborne disinfectant is perfect for those hard to reach areas! 

AirGene high level disinfectant is incredible easy to use with its total-discharge valve allowing for a single dispersing of all its contents simultaneously disinfectant the environment and surfaces removing all pathogens, bacteria, virus and fungus such as HIV, SARS and Salmonella. 


*MSD's sheets available on request.



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