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Medical Consumables

The Best Diverse Range of Medical Consumables on the Market

Theatre Caps (Tie Back)

Theatre Caps (Tie ..

Premier™ Theatre Caps with Tie Back Lace    The premier theatre cap with tie back la..

Theatre Caps Printed (Tie Back)

Theatre Caps Print..

Universal™ Theatre Caps (Tie Back)   A variation of the original Theatre Cap, brough..

Thumb Loop Fluid Protection Gown Premier®

Thumb Loop Fluid P..

Thumb Loop Fluid Protection Gown Premier®     These blue high qual..

Uniprotect™ Anti-Fog Surgical Face Masks

Uniprotect™ Anti..

Uniprotect™ Anti-Fog Surgical Face Masks   UniProtect offer these high quality surgi..

Uniprotect™ Full Face Visor

Uniprotect™ Full..

Uniprotect™ Full Face Visor   Uniprotect Full Face Visor provides a high standard of..

Universal Mediguard Surgical Apron

Universal Mediguar..

Universal Mediguard Surgical Apron   Shermond present the Universal Mediguard Surgical Ap..

Tall Pack Bambo® Nature Nappies

Tall Pack Bambo® ..

Tall Pack Bambo® Nature Nappies   These fantastic Bambo® Nature dispo..

Bambo®  Premature Nature Nappies

Bambo® Premature..

Bambo® Premature Nature Nappies   Abena™ present these fantastic Bambo® premature Na..

Bambo®  Training Nappies

Bambo® Training ..

Bambo® Training Pants   Abena™ present these fantastic Bambo® training pants provide high..

Abri-Form Junior Incontinence Pads

Abri-Form Junior I..

Abri-Form Premium Incontinence Pads     Abena present Abri-Form Junior Premium In..

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